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XXX Why Does J. Jonah Jameson Hate Spider-Man So Much? | CBR Foton

John Jonah Jameson Jr. Jameson is typically depicted as the publisher or editor-in-chief of the Daily Buglea fictional New York City newspaper. Recognizable by his toothbrush moustacheflattop Jjj Spiderman, and ever-present cigarhe carries out a smear campaign against Spider-Man, frequently referring to him as a "menace" and a criminal for varying reasons, but occasionally and reluctantly allying with him.

In the early comics he employs photojournalist Peter Parker to take pictures of Spider-Man in the hopes of catching him in the middle of wrongdoing, unaware that Peter is the superhero himself.

Portrayals of Jameson have varied throughout the years. Sometimes he is shown as a foolishly grumpy, stubborn and pompous skinflint who micromanages Jjj Spiderman employees and resents Spider-Man out of Eskort Malmö. In either case, he has remained an important part of the Spider-Man mythos.

He and Peter Parker are related by marriage as a result of his father's wedding to May Parker. Jameson's son John Jameson is the Marvel Universe supporting character who, in addition to his job as a famous astronaut, has become Man-Wolf and Star-God and also married She-Hulk making Jonah at that point her father in-law. The character has appeared in numerous media adaptations related to Spider-Man. Stan Lee stated in an interview on Talk of the Nation that he modeled J.

Jonah Jameson Jjj Spiderman a much grumpier Jjj Spiderman of himself. Jonah Jameson was as close as Lee ever came to a self-portrayal, with Conway elaborating that "just like Stan is a very complex and interesting guy who both has a tremendously charismatic part of himself and is an honestly decent guy who cares about people, he also has this incredible ability to go immediately to shallow. Just, BOOM, right to shallow.

And that's Jameson". The Spider-Man creative staff considered Jameson's wedding to Marla Madison in Amazing Spider-Man Annual 18 a momentous enough event that they asked Stan Lee to script the story, while the art team on the issue emulated Steve Ditko's style. David was an officer of the United States Armya war veteran decorated as a hero; at home, however, David regularly abused his wife and son.

As a result, J. Jonah Jameson grew convinced that "No one's a hero every day of the week" and "Even the real heroes can't keep it up all the time". Jonah Jameson Sr. It is unknown if Jameson Jr. He was a Boy Scout during his childhood. In high school, his interests were mainly boxing and photography. He met his first wife, Joan, when they both joined their high school's photo club. When the school's three top athletes started bullying him, he fought back and beat all three of them to a pulp.

This impressed Joan, and they started dating. They married as soon as they finished school. After school, Jameson sought employment as a journalist. In Marvels 1, a young reporter brags to his colleagues that he would one day run the Daily Bugle ; according to writer Kurt Busiekhe and artist Alex Ross intended this to be J. Jonah Jameson, but the editor of the Spider-Man line objected that Jameson Best Gaypornsites too young to have been alive during the early s, when the story was set.

Jjj Spiderman it was too late to redraw the scene, the editor settled for having Jameson's name removed from the issue. Sergeant Fury and His Howling Commandos featured him as covering a mission of Sergeant Nicholas Furywho was heading a team of commandos during the war.

When Jameson returned from a journalistic mission in Koreahe was grieved to find that his wife had died in a mugging incident. Focusing on his professional life to dull the pain, he was promoted to chief editor of the Daily Bugleand eventually came to own the paper, thereby fulfilling his earlier boasts.

Due to real-world time advancement Jameson's war-time experiences have since either been ignored or retconned. When Spider-Man becomes a media sensation, Jameson strives to blacken Spider-Man's reputation; casting the masked hero as an unhinged vigilante not only boosts the Bugle' s circulation, but also punishes Spider-Man for overshadowing Jameson's astronaut son. The lead story of the following issue, Amazing Spider-Man Jjj Spiderman Maysets another part of the pattern: Peter Parker selling pictures of himself as Spider-Man to the Bugle with few questions asked, and Jonah using the pictures to support his editorials against Spider-Man, unaware Paola Morra Nude he is giving him gainful employment in the process.

Jameson believes that he cannot look at himself as a good man while a hero like Spider-Man exists. Though Jonah's rancor against Spider-Man at times subsides after he saves the life of one of his loved ones, [9] his determination to find some flaw in the hero always returns before long.

Jameson posts rewards for Spider-Man's capture or secret identity, hunts him with Spencer Smythe 's Spider-Slayer robots[12] and even commissions superpowered agents to defeat the masked man.

He creates another superbeing, who turned into a supervillain, the Human Flywho had his own vendetta against him. Though best known for his crusades against vigilante superheroes like Spider-Man, Jameson never hesitates to use the power of his paper against supervillains, crooked politicians, and crime bosses, including the Kingpin. Marla Madison, a distinguished scientist and daughter of a deceased friend of his. He asks for her help in creating a new Spider-Slayer, one of a series of robots created to defeat Spider-Man, although Spider-Man has managed to survive their attacks and destroy each of them.

Madison is interested in the challenge, and joins Jameson in his efforts. Marla Madison adopts Mattie Franklinher niece and the daughter of one of Jonah's friends. The guilt for creating the Scorpion catches up with Jameson when the Hobgoblin blackmails him about it. When he receives the threats, rather than succumb to the Hobgoblin, Jameson chooses instead to reveal it to the world in a public editorial.

He steps down as the Bugle' s editor-in-chief, delegating the post to his immediate subordinate, Joseph "Robbie" Robertsonbut Jameson remains its publisher.

Jonah's control of the Daily Bugle is bought out from under him by multimillionaire Thomas Fireheart. Fireheart had felt Cade Maddox he owed Spider-Man a debt of honor and in an attempt to repay the hero, he purchases the Daily Bugle [27] and begins a pro-Spider-Man campaign. He then sells the Bugle back to Jameson for the sum of one dollar, on the condition that he print an obituary "For either me, or Spider-Man". He is blackmailed into selling the Bugle to Norman Osborn after threats were made against his family; simultaneously, he is attacked and hounded by the supervillain Mad Jack.

When a duplicate of Spider-Mancreated by Mysteriojumps in front of Jameson's car while he is driving home from Jjj Spiderman one day, Jameson crashes his car into a tree. He is believed killed in the car crash, dying upon impact, and the media blames Spider-Man for his tragic and untimely demise. Later, he is shown ascending to "the light", only for him to be condemned for all the injustices he committed in life. On top of the Parker revelation, Jameson is forced to deal with the notion that She-Hulk had now become his daughter-in-law.

This was not helped by the fact that She-Hulk and Canelo Alvarez Wallpaper had previously sued him for libel. It has been since revealed that Jameson had Sexbutik Borås believed that between him and Peter Parker was a bond of trust and he had always regarded him as another son, the "last honest man" in the world; he had always bought Amature Anal photos, even the ones that he considered inferior, to help him in a discreet manner.

After Peter's public confession, Jameson feels so betrayed and humiliated that it shatters their bond. He is determined to make Peter "pay", despite Parker as enforcer and Jameson both actively supporting the Superhuman Registration Act. He plans to sue Parker for fraud, demanding back all the money he paid Peter over the years. However, he learns that the government has granted Parker amnesty for all the acts he had done to protect his secret identity, which included taking photos of himself.

She easily destroys it, and to smooth things over, remarks that she will handle the lawsuit for fraud against Spider-Man while privately intending to drag it out as long as possible.

Spider-Man later defects from the government's side in enforcing the Registration Act and joins with Captain America 's Secret Avengers, openly rebelling against the new law and fighting Webcam Chicks attempting to enforce it. He also commits libel against Parker by coercing Peter's Jjj Spiderman girlfriend Debra Whitman into writing an untrue account of him; Betty Brant has secretly supplied information about this to The Daily Globewhich then published a front-page exposé.

Unable or unwilling to admit that he has gone too far in his hatred of Spider-Man, Jameson fires Robertson. Later, Spider-Man learns of this from Betty Brant and decides that he and Jameson Belle Delphine Patronen have a long overdue "chat".

Some time later, Jameson visits the Robertson house with a bottle of wine, two black eyes, and a broken hand. He tells Robbie that he discovered his office at the Bugle covered with webbing, with a note attached telling him to meet Spider-Man at an old gangster lair.

Spider-Man tried to persuade Jameson to rehire Robbie, and Jameson gave him a choice: to have the lawsuit against him dropped, or for Robbie to be rehired. Spider-Man chose the former, revealing that he did so because he believes Jameson only fired Robbie to get a rise out of him.

Spider-Man then told Jameson to hit him, as many times as he'd like, to finally work out his frustrations. Jameson was initially reluctant, until Spider-Man started goading him, threatening to inform his wife and son of his "cowardice".

Jameson snapped, and started hitting Spider-Man again and again and again, resulting in his broken hand. When it was over, Spider-Man went into the rafters and brought Jameson back a roll of film, containing pictures of their "fight", telling him the photographs depicting him standing back and letting Jameson beat him up would sell "a gazillion copies", and left.

Later, at the BugleJameson crushed the film with his foot, not knowing quite why he was doing it. As he turned to leave, Betty Brant accidentally hit him in the face with a door, resulting in his two black eyes. Back in the present, Jameson tells Robbie of his decision to rehire him and to drop the lawsuit against Peter. Jameson has his first heart attack, a mild one, in The Amazing Spider-Man 70, while being threatened by Spider-Man when the latter finally loses his temper after many years of abuse and defamation.

After the status quo was revised in the " Brand New Day " storyline, Peter's identity is once again a secret. These circumstances led to Jonah facing a buyout from the wealthy Dexter Bennett. This forced Jonah to stop everyone's checks to build Teenfielity capital needed to save the paper, with everyone at the Bugle working temporarily for free as a sign of solidarity.

Needing money for an apartment, Peter came to the Bugle claiming he was owed money, to which Jonah yelled at him, causing Peter to snap and yell back, stating that his photographs kept the Bugle selling while Jonah raked in the profits and paid Peter a pittance.

This caused Jonah to yell at Peter again, but he stopped short owing to a second heart attack. Peter spent an unknown period of time giving Jonah CPR to try and save him until the paramedics arrived; upon arriving they rushed Jonah to the hospital where he was depicted resting before surgery.

His wife began talking to a lawyer about power of attorney and selling the final shares of the Bugle without Jonah having a say. Surprisingly, Jonah did not blame Spider-Man for once, but instead he just kept on muttering, "Dexter Bennett".

Jonah's condition later improved, to the point where he takes physiotherapy sessions and t'ai chi classes. However, he loses his temper if he sees or hears about Dexter Bennett and the D. He is also apparently facing problems with his wife, as he has yet to forgive her for selling the Bugle. In a storyline, Jameson is elected the Mayor of New York City [35] Spider-Man is in another dimension with the Fantastic Four, resulting in a month going by on Earth while they are only away for a few hours.

In his new office, Jonah receives a visit from his estranged father, J. Spider-Man then enters the mayor's office hoping to establish a truce with Jameson only for Jonah to announce that Deumosden Twitter has assembled an "Anti-Spider Squad" to capture Spider-Man.

Spider-Man responds by taking his superhero work into overdrive, committing heroic deeds all over the city simply to enrage Jameson. Jameson responds by putting his squad on double-shifts, severely straining the city council's budget. When Jameson arrived at his home, he was shocked to find a dead stripper on his bed. He later discovers this Spider-Man has caused the gang war and tries to confront Norman, though Spider-Man's name is cleared when he appears to save the Big Apple Festival from BullseyeDakenand the gangs involved.

Jameson's popularity jumps from having worked with Spider-Man to solve the problem, though he does not realize during the course of the events that he is dealing with a different Spider-Man.

Jjj Spiderman

Jjj Spiderman

John Jonah Jameson Jr. Jameson is typically depicted as the publisher or editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle , a fictional New York City newspaper. Recognizable by his toothbrush moustache , flattop haircut, and ever-present cigar , he carries out a smear campaign against Spider-Man, frequently referring to him as a "menace" and a criminal for varying reasons, but occasionally and reluctantly allying with him.

Jjj Spiderman

John ''J'' Jonah Jameson is a recurring side character in Marvel's Spider-Man series. A former newspaper publisher at the Daily Bugle, he hosts the radio show Just the Facts in New York City, on which he notoriously slanders both Spider-Man and his sidekick Miles Morales. 1 History Early history Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales 2 Characteristics 3 Original appearance 4 References.

Jjj Spiderman

Jjj Spiderman

Jjj Spiderman

Jjj Spiderman

John Jonah Jameson Jr. is the show host of The Daily Bugle, who mainly focuses on reporting on the actions of heroes and vigilantes, including Mysterio, whom he reveres as a great hero, and Spider-Man, whom he views as a menace to society. He, along with Mysterio and William Ginter Riva, is responsible for exposing Spider-Man's true identity of Peter Parker to the entire world. 1 Biography

Comic Book Questions Answered — where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books feel free to e-mail questions to me at brianc cbr. Reader Darryl M. Jonah Jameson's problem with Spider-Man? Technically speaking, J. After Spider-Man saved the life of Jameson's son, Spidey figured that he was done with the bad publicity, but he was way off While that's a powerful scene, I don't know if I necessarily buy it. It doesn't really "sound" like Jameson.